Cemetery extension of Castelmassa
The municipality requirment was to rethink for a new cemetery entrance with the intention of being able to mend all those old extensions that had pushed back the historic entrance making it loseing its importance. The second requirement was to think about the placement of 60 new burials.
The design of the new entrance to the cemetery together with the new square, sew to eachother the past enlargements with the goal to identify and honor the historic access by now lost. The new portal, with its architectural scale and monumentality, serves as a frame to the historic portal, giving back to it life.
The entire front and the whole square appear completely white, the color of purity. Ceramic tiles , in the facade, and white washed stones, on the floor, are respectively the materials used. One front in the portal will be soiled by reddish tears able to communicate the theme of suffering. From the square runs an architectural element that defines the square until you reach the portal, creating benches and parking areas for bicycles.
The new burials design take into account functional expedients aimed to elderly people. Access to the upper burials can indeed take place without the help of the "metal staircase", but with a comfortable covered and illuinated staircase. The use of two different colors material identifies the burial area.
Gravestones in stainless steel and LED candles complete the cemetery equipment.
old situation
the frame
cemetery entrance
new cemetery entrance
the fence
the square
benches and bike rack
the frame and benches
the back side
the stair
glass roof
side view
back view
back view
inox gravestone
the stair
the stair

place:Castelmassa, Rovigo, IT

category:job assignment

client:Municipilaty of Castelmassa

design team:Rudy Davi, Stefano Bizzarri

structure engineer:Silvia Smanio, Umberto Zerbinato

geologist:Studio associato Daria Bottoni & Diego Merlin

contractor:Ghiotti s.n.c.

wiring system:Red 2

surface:350 sqm

date of commission2010

date of construction:2012-2013

cost:290.000 euro


photography:Matteo Cattabriga