Fire escape Ramazzini hospital
The assignment involved the design for the construction of a fire escape in order to comply with the requirements of the escape routes in case of fire for a part of Ramazzini hospital.
The structure is made entirely of galvanized metal profiles. There are four floor slabs in addition to the ground floor and they are made with a collaborative slab placed on exposed corrugated sheet metal.
The structure was subsequently "dressed" with a modular facade made up of light gray aluminum sheet metal panels in order to blend in with the tones of the existing concrete string courses of the adhering body of the building.
The facade panels are connected to the structure by means of vertical omega profiles. Horizontally they mark the various floors, creating windows inside them. The windows have a function of evacuating any smoke faster in the event of a fire and at the same time in creating views both in the walkways and in the stairwell.
front fire exit
back fire exit
night view

place:Carpi IT

client:AUSL di Modena

architect:Rudy Davi

design team:Valentina Turri

structure engineer:Denis Zanetti

general contractor:Didaco srl

building surface:240 mq

date of commission:2018

date of construction:2019-2020

cost:237.419 euro


photo:Rudy Davi