Marketplace renovation in Castelmassa
The project area is located in Via Antonio Pacinotti in Castelmassa in the province of Rovigo.
It's located in a context where are placed two old buildings that in past were a covered market.
The smallest is the one that needed to be renovate. The pavilion before the renovation was made by a wooden roof with steel srtucture and some masonry walls that divided spaces for market activities.
The new design beside the building renovation took in account also the entire accommodation sector through a road and parking areas.
Below the new covered area has been designed and placed the new building comeing back to the concept of the function of the old pavilion provided in the past: a shelter place for the market business.
The building is on two levels. Inside the building are placed five commercial spaces of different sizes, from 40 sqm to 100 sqm.
The facada presents two materials: glass and wood.
The surface without glass has been coated by wooden strips to minimize the environmental impact entering in harmony with the existing park. A completely renewable material goes also to harmonize with the park that surrounds the pavilion.
An exterior corridor paved acts as distribution to the various atelier spaces. Between the two pavillions has been designed a canopy.
A series of spot lamps positioned in the concrete plinths illuminate the roof of the pavilion.
past situation
the design
ground floor plan
first floor plan
west view
north-est view
detail north facada
detail north entrance
partial north view
covered walking corridor
entrance C1 atelier
stair atelier C1
outside atelier spaces
detail south facada
ground floor atelier C3
waiting room atelier C3
first floor atelier C3
night view wooden path
detail canopy
canopy connection
ground floor atelier C2
detail corner glass
detail corner roof

place:Castelmassa, Rovigo, IT

category:job assignment

client:Municipality of Castelmassa

architect:Rudy Davi, Stefano Bizzarri

structure engineer:Mezzadringegneria s.r.l. - Denis Zanetti, Chiara Foresti

geologist:Studio associato Daria Bottoni & Diego Merlin

hetaing engineer:Marco Bizzi

gross surface:3200 sqm

building surface:450 sqm

date of commission:2010


cost:650.000 euro

photo:Rudy Davi