City council Codigoro
The assignment included the extraordinary maintenance of the façade for an energy redevelopment and for the resolution of previous water infiltrations. The project involved the complete demolition of the previous brick cladding and the stone string courses as well as the existing fixtures.
The new composition was conceived with the intention of keeping evident the existing horizontal partition of the base and of the two upper floors subject to recovery, but with the desire to create a new verticality of the façade with the insertion of vertical bevels and new openings that further mark the partitioning of the windows.
The new cladding was made with an external coat system with an plaster finish. The fixtures were conceived as a single entity in order to create metal frames that protrude from the façade.
The windows are entirely with retractable frame and single door. Even the frame of the curtains is retractable, to create a larger glass surface than the previous one. Delicate parapets complete the facade detail.
before redevolpment
view from Matteotti square
view from XX Settembre street
facade detail

place:Codigoro IT

client:City council Codigoro

architect:Rudy Davi

design team:Irene Bandieri

general contractor:Geostrutture srl

surface:300 sqm

date of commision:2020

date of construction:2021

cost:77.170,00 euro


photo:Rudy Davi