Bike parking in Ferrara
Ferrara ''city of bicyles'', this is what you read when a visitor enters the city and he expects visiting. Now let's type "Ferrara city of bicycles" in a search engine on the web. What we can find are photos of the area used as a bike parking near the station.
Which image Ferrara wants to give to the turists when they get off from the train and they walk through the exit door of the station?
A quick look to the left puts them immediately in front of an obsolete reality of a stacking of bicycles, chained one above the other with no way out.
Perhaps there would be a need for a better icon that goes to the city to identify what is actually described and make it more functional exchange between public transport and cycling. Then allow the visitor to be able to rent a bike and citizens to be able to stop the bike in a more secure and sheltered from the rain. Showing that Ferrara is trying to create a sustainable urban devoted increasing use of the bicycle, but at the same time to be able to admit in an orderly manner within a structure.
existing situation
plan and 3d
view from the train station
view from Costituzione street
view from san Giacomo sreet

place:Ferrara, IT


client:Municipality of Ferrara

architect:Rudy Davi

structure engineer:Mezzadringegneria s.r.l. Denis Zanetti

surface: 1350 sqm


status:under develop

cost:400.000 euro