Kennedy square in Ravenna
The area affected by the intervention of redevelopment is located in the heart of the historic center of Ravenna. The project stands as a contemporary reinterpretation of the various accretions that have characterized the
history of the place. Appear evident the following constituent parts:
1) The Fence
contemporary retelling of the wall, which coincides with the plan, the importance of massive and urban apparent from the documents collected and vintage photographs, historically defining the gardens / garden of the property Rasponi, by defining the north-west face of 'isolated called "Jewish Quarter" and representing also the limit built the ancient church of Saint Agnes and the convent for the parish priests of the city that was joined about in 1400.
2) The Clock Tower.
This strong design choice arises from the following considerations:
meaning in relation to the place: representation of the passage of time as a metaphorical meaning
the point of the square of the most historically important.
3) Content: Paving and Green
Contemporary reinterpretation of historical information about the pre-existing stratigraphy that have characterized the space, through the use of materials compatible with the typological, environmental, material and coloristic the square.
compose diagram
compose diagram
compose diagram
the square
fencede area
night square

place:Ravenna, IT


client:Municipality of Ravenna

project team:Rudy Davi, Stefano Bizzarri, on-office architettura

surface:5000 smq

result:not relevant