Verdi square in La Spezia
The project strategy moves from the historical stratification of the urban fabric of La Spezia, seeking a key to reinterpretate the large linear system and the longitudinal axis of the city, represented by the axis road on which it develops the intervention area and the evocative reinterpretation of the abutments architectural former Politeama who works on the perimeter of the old foundation of the building below the ground level. The level of the square is then collapsed to below the level driveway creating a man-made open-air auditorium, on the footprint of the foundation of nineteenth-century theater. An area of ​​public report that allows the differentiation of the levels of use of the public share from the pedestrian driveway, which remains on the surface from the axis decentralizing straight. Ramps allow the descent to the lower level of the new square, until the lift on the other side, avoiding the crossing level with the street level.
Musil said: "What is great in man is that he is a bridge, not a destination ........"
With the memory of this thinking, we have created a ''temporal bridge'' as a link between what was, and what it can become ... The memory of the Politeama, and its removal .....
the recovery of a place where art created the encounter between people and served as a ''social glue'' .... On the one hand the architectural footprint, that of Politeama, and on the other the imprint of the people who I have lived ... I imagined all those seated spectators, and I decided to create the memory through the mold body, the seat of some of them on the new audience .... I have also reviewed the actions of the artists and their sometimes ephemeral existence .... and I thought of something more mysterious and impermanent, like a footprint left on a shadow .....
Politeama XIX sec.

place:La Spezia, IT


client:Municipality of La Spezia

project team: Rudy Davi, Stefano Bizzarri, Andrea Bellodi

artist:Stefano Babboni

surface:10000 smq


result:not relevant