Buozzi square in Pontelagoscuro
Re) think Buozzi Square as a place of real and concrete collective enjoyment, common space and the beating heart of Pontelagoscuro. This is the idea behind the proposed project, which starts from the recognition of the history and peculiarities of the town and revised in a ''present'' and dynamic. Functionality is the key term that defines the project: upgrade to unite different realities, to enhance the architectural elements already present, to create a sense of intimacy and closeness, because Piazza Buozzi back to being not only crossing place, but ideal space for public and private activities that works for you and will do so. The ruling aesthetic, a floor made ​​of 45 vertical modules irregular recalls the events of the Second World War and the desire for rebirth Pontelagoscuro, emphasizes precisely from the functional point of view the will to unite and "closer" the two sides (north south) of the square, and defines the different areas of vehicular use. The recreation of a public space is further manifested by enlargement of the green area on the west side, where the trees grow close and at the same time permeable filter. Another key element of the project is given by the will to evoke the spirit of the ancient Via Covered by means of light: a lighting system that becomes a public air cover dynamic and enveloping, providing an ideal space for commercial activities hawkers. The streetlights define a new space of cover is not covered, a new Covered Street built by the arcs of light. The gate of the elementary school on the north side of the square becomes a long bench, green spaces places dedicated to leisure activities for young and old. Giving back the identity to Piazza Buozzi and giving back the square to the inhabitants of Pontelagoscuro.
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site plan
boulevard view
market view
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the street

place:Pontelagoscuro, Ferrara, IT


client:Municipality of Ferrara

project team:Rudy Davi, Andrea Lotto

text:Fabio Calamosca

surface:6000 sqm


result:not relevant