Europan 9
Our project has two main objectives. Firstly to keep the old harbour, and secondly to create a natural isolation.
1 The old harbour has been maintained be-cause it is a sixty-year-old historic landmark in the area. We decided to leave all the old signs of the footbridges and the existing boats on site. The footbridges narrow down towards the end, their shapes flowing into high street lamps. These not only provide ‘lighthouses’ for boats sailing the canal but also lighten the old dam in front.
2 The natural isolation (all green area) will increase the quality of living for the people going to inhabit the site. Moreover, it enables a continued walk from west to east in the green zone, as the urban planning proposal suggests. It obeys the logic of the plan, which is based on permeability. The wave element is also an attempt to make the park come alive, with a possibility of splitting walking levels to include interesting lookout points over the area. The housing element (filter element) creates a modular composition including several empty spaces. These spaces provide connections between the surroundings and the green. As to volume, this project shows an attractive succession of standard modular.
site plan
street view
park view
harbour view

place:Woonschepenhaven, Groningen, NL


client:Municipality of Groningen

project team:Rudy Davi, Federico Traverso, Federico Pellizzari

surface:5 ha


result:shortlisted last 5