New stair and elevator
The renovation project is located in the historic center of Ferrara and more in detail in the historic Montecatino Palace built in the Renaissance period by the architect Biagio Rossetti.
The intervention is located in the private entrance leading to the house located on the noble floor.
The project involved the complete demolition of the existing concrete staircase to be able to insert an elevator inside the compartment with a new staircase rethought for new use.
The structure of the new staircase has been designed entirely in steel, consisting of a central blade (bottom to the top) 15mm thick, which in addition to the load-bearing function also acts as a parapet.
The steps are anchored to the blade as a tray to hold the slab of marble that serves as a tread. Along the perimeter of the staircase, a steel component carrys the other side of the step. The entire pavement has been realized with the recovery of the existing Verona marble in the previous staircase.
Wall grazing lights illuminate the stairwell, while two suspended lights illuminate the elevator shaft.
the blade
steps detail
first floor entrance
light wall detail
elevator shaft
suspendend light detail

place:Ferrara IT


architect:Rudy Davi

project team:Alex Sola del los Santos

structure engineer:Mezzadringegneria s.r.l - Denis Zanetti - Matteo Vincenzi

contractor:Immobiliare Carrera

wiring system:Cecchi Adriano


date of commision:2018

date of building:2018-2019

cost:120.000 euro


photo:Rudy Davi