Additional Info


  • category: furniture
  • designer: Rudy Davi
  • client: self-produced
  • exhibitions: Fuorisalone, Milano 2010 OpenDesignItalia, Bologna 2011 Arredamente, Ferrara 2012
  • photo: Rudy Davi
  • year: 2010
  • text:

    Acca chair is built from a simple concept: designing a chair that you can use as a double skin chair. What you can do with it is turning it around of 180° and getting a new Aitch chair, with the same shape but a different cloth.

    The structure is made of wood and the cover material is velvet of different colors. You can also turn the chair of 90°, and you will get a forniture module from which you can build your own bookcase, that in case of need - such as the presence of several guests - can be used as a chair.