Landscape Titan Italia spa
Titan Italia's new outdoor areas have been designed in the area ahead of access to new office block.
The project envisages the construction of 15 new indoor and 10 outdoor parking places.
The front office area is characterized by a chessboard which alternates with paved areas in white concrete and green areas.
On each green area are placed ornamental plants and in the largest area a cherry tree. A series of ground lights trace the route in the dark hours.
The fence alternates concrete-filled zones with metal vertical candles that filter the new building and allow green to go out and marking the outside parking areas.
the building
office gate
metal candle
the fence
cherry tree
outside gate

place:Finale Emilia, Modena, IT

category:job assigment

client:Titan Italia spa

architect:Rudy Davi

collaborator:Valentina Turri, Christin Erdmann, Dimitri Finessi

structure:Mezzadringegneria s.r.l. - Denis Zanetti

electric engineer:Studio Ghetti Formignani

general contractor:Emiliana Restauri

building surface:1500 sqm

date of commission:2015

date of construction:2016 - 2017

costs:150.000 euro


photo:Matteo Cattabriga